Case Study
Advisory & Compliance

A South African Company engaged us to conduct the due diligence of Indian based project consulting firm.We identified possible exposure in acquiring Indian Company.Based on our findings, assisted our client in best possible structure for acquisition of Indian Company.

Advised another SouthAfrican company on processes involved in setting up Software company in India alongwith advice on best possible and tax efficient location In India. Assisted client in selection of HR firm and law firms for their various business requirements.

Advised one of the world’s biggest Software company (a fortune 500 Company) on Direct Tax and Indirect Tax issues and helped them in setting up 100% Tax exempted Development Centre in India.They hired us again to advice them on compliances and help them compiling various laws. Routinely guide them on many issues.

Advised a USA based Investment Consulting Company (listed in NASDAQ) on various tax issues including Direct tax exemptions and on transfer pricing. They also hired us on advise on Indirect tax issues like Service Tax and Custom Act. We were again hired by them for advice on restructuring of their Indian Operations and compliance activities due to restructuring.

We were hired by one of the fortune 500 company ( in Oil & Gas Sector) for handling their tax case in ITAT.We successfully, represented client in ITAT and help client saved few millions in tax demand.

We were hired by a fortune 500 company for carrying our Service tax Audit in 30 locations in India and submit our report.The outcome of our report helped our client to fulfil compliance on time and helped them to successfully handle their service tax scrutiny.

Transfer Pricing

Routinely guide multi-national corporate in doing their transfer pricing studies as regards transactions of their other offices with the Indian business. Have carried out detailed transfer-pricing studies for companies in Information Technology, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas & Service Industry. Our clients include corporate from USA,UK, South Africa, NewZeland, Canada, Singapore etc.

Due Diligence

We have been engaged to conduct due diligence of various Indian companies for the purpose of acquisition or Joint venture. The process involved a complete verification of the financial and legal status of the target companies and highlight risks which could materially effect the transaction. A few examples are as under:
Financial Due Diligence - Carried out a study of the various laws, regulations and financial strategies of few Technology companies which planned to sold their company their business. This process also involved valuing the current business for the purpose of exchange of shares in the de-merged companies.

Corporate Law - Carried out legal due diligence of an Indian company, which was to be acquired by a New Zealand entity in the auto business. Subsequently undertook to prepare legal documentation relating to proposed joint venture between the two entities.

Business Setup

Assisted a US based LPO company in their devising India business setup and thereafter setting up a subsidiary company.

Assisted a Canadian Steel Company in setting up manufacturing company in Indian and manufacturing plant Himachal Pradesh.
Assisted a Foreign based HNI to identify and own suitable manufacturing entities in India.

Assisted India based Software company to open subsidiary company in US and Branch office in UK

Conducted financial feasibility studies for various companies interested in setting up their operations in India.

Documents Drafting

Assisted a well known rating company to draft Memorandum of Associations (MOA)/Article of Associations (AOA) for their clients who were forming a Joint Venture.

Assisted a Foreign citizen to draft Joint Venture/Share Purchase agreement for the Auto Business he bought in India.

Assisted a software company in framing Employee Stock Option Policy (ESOP).

Assisted a foreign company to draft Advance ruling to be filed with Authority of Advance Rulings.


Undertook a Concept Study to identify the perception and acceptability of Indian consumers towards “eating out” by a food chain.

Prepared detailed financial feasibility report for a logistic Company where in PE funds were interested to invest.

A comprehensive survey was conducted on foreign tourist’s requirements for a two-wheeler while they are on India visit. We were appointed to carry on this survey by a foreign based “Motorcycle Manufacturer/ Maintenance Company”.


  With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)

With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)