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At PPC, we have a single overriding mission:
To provide our clients with real value in return for their confidence in choosing us as their consultancy firm. We accomplish this by forming one-on-one relationships with our clients, listening carefully to their specific needs, and bringing together our broad resources to address those needs.

Our approach is Integrated, Informative and Proactive:

Effective engagement management must take the overall business environment into account. We begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company's current financial and tax position, as well as its present and planned activities. Our underlying objective is to bring all available resources to bear in order to identify potential strategies to strengthen our clients' financial well-being and maximize shareholder value.

We are committed to presenting our clients with all available tax planning alternatives, from the most conservative to the most aggressive, and related levels of risk to ensure that they are able to make the most informed decisions possible. In addition, we seek to ensure that our clients take maximum advantage of current laws and anticipated legislative changes.

We maintain year-round contact with our clients to stay informed about developments within their business and industry and identify opportunities to add value. Our purpose is to ensure that financial and tax planning is incorporated into the ongoing development and implementation of strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.

Our services are designed to help our clients to:
  • Build effective collaborative business approach
  • Ensure that timely information is produced to evaluate past performance
  • Make decisions and comply with Tax and other Statutory requirements
  • Grow through acquisition
  • Convert a business to cash
  • Attract and retain key employees
  • Maximize personal/family net worth.
  With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)

With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)