Transfer Pricing Studies and Documentation
We also assist in planning transactions to minimise 'transfer pricing' levies by tax authorities. We have carried Transfer pricing Studies and Documentation for clients form US, UK, New Zealand, South Africa etc.

Transfer price is the price at which a company sells its products or services to a related company or any of its divisions. . Hence it is a special selling price at which the products or services of the company are internally transferred. The Finance Act 2001 introduced the detailed Transfer Pricing Regulations (T.P.R.) in India w.e.f.1stApril 2001 corresponding to the assessment year 2002-2003. The sections and rules under the Income Tax Act, which deal with Transfer Pricing Regulations are sections 92 to 92F and rules 10A to 10E and sections 271(1)(c), 271AA, 271BA and 271G. The company shall prepare a Report on Implementation of Transfer Pricing documenting the compliance with the Guidelines and the Transfer Price Policy Statement.

In following situations you may need us
  • You need advice on transfer pricing documentation requirements in multiple jurisdictions.
  • You are uncertain whether an advance pricing agreement is a better option than defensive documentation.
  • You need to respond to a tax authority transfer pricing audit/enquiry.
  • You are interested in optimally managing your worldwide transfer pricing policies and procedures.
  • You need to know whether your internal controls over transfer pricing are sufficient to satisfy end of year audit.
How we can help you

At PPC, we have a strong network of dedicated transfer pricing professionals with advanced training in economics, accounting, law and project management, ready to work with you. Our professionals include partners and staff with experience gained with tax administrations. We can advise you on:
  • Advance pricing agreements (APAs)
  • Dispute resolution
  • Documentation and planning
  • TP Audits

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With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)